2/5/2013  Valencia C.  Manhattan, NY

  I found Jim on yelp.com - and after comparing and researching many other handyman services,

Jim was my final choice!  And a good choice too!

I had a 1pm appointment with Jim to take care of several projects in my studio. He and his assistant Giovani showed up at 12:45pm - nice and early!  Already he has scored high!  He introduced himself and his able assistant and they both got right to the jobs at hand.  I had several!  I needed my 42" flat screen mounted, rods hung, shelves in my bathroom, a medicine cabinet removed and replaced and so on and so on.....  Jim and his assistant Giovani adequately used their time and worked with professionalism and a polite smile.  I had no problem with leaving my studio for an errand or two while they worked.  HIs pricing was totally reasonable - Especially if you are on a budget. I am on one and Jim was very honest with his final bill.  I "will" be asking him back again!  GREAT JOB JIM!



9/17/2012  Russ J.  Maspeth, NY

  Hired Jim to repair some cracked brick and concrete in the front yard, along with sanding/repainting the iron railings and fixing an electrical outlet.

Arrived on time (a rare trait in a contractor) and got right to work.  Super friendly, super considerate (took his shoes off when coming inside even though we did not ask him to), and just a generally nice guy (also a rare trait these days).  Very easy to contact him prior to the job, good communication throughout

and reasonable rates.  Will be calling him back to put up a medicine cabinet and ceiling fan, just as soon as we buy them (lol).
Oh, and he's also multilingual, if you're into that sort of thing.  Obrigado, Jim.


8/3/2012  Lisandra V.  Forest Hills, NY

I am so glad I found Jim through the reviews on Yelp. Jim is a gem! He is one of the best handymen I've dealt with. His work is impeccable and flawless. He is honest and the nicest, easiest going guy you'll ever meet. He will put you at ease immediately. Jim knows his craft and he can repair, build and beautify any part of your home. Jim showed up on time and responded to my email the same day I contacted him. He is super responsible and hard-working! I highly recommend Jim!


6/22/2012  Merrily L.  Bronx, NY

  Jim Scanlan does outstanding work. On June 13, 2012, he took care of the following jobs between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM.
[He accompanied me to Home Depot, recommending which fixtures and materials I should purchase.]
- Re-attach bathroom doorknob.
- Fix inside latch on shower stall.
- Repair and apply caulking around shower stall & foot of bath tub.
- Replace shower-heads.
- Replace front door handle/lock.
- Replace and paint flashing over stove.
- Un-stick drawer on mahogany hall piece.
- Clean outside of southern exposure window.
- Wash inside of skylights.
- Adjust rubber car-door seal, so door doesn't stick.
He is incredibly knowledgeable, thorough, and fair in his pricing. Demonstrating the latter, he would not charge the full-day rate because he finished an hour early.



2/16/2012  Joshua KHewlett, NY

  Not bad.  The company I work for has given some work to Jim's handyman, and we have never had a problem or expensive bill. Nice and friendly people.  Highly Reccomended!



8/28/2010  Formula h.  Bronx, NY  This gentleman came thru in the clutch for me and my family. Fixed a jack problem that I had with a light fixture in my kitchen which also created a problem in the rest of my apartment. I called jim, we spoke 2 hours later he came thru, fixed the problem and didn't hit us over the head with the pricing.
Thank you Jim from the bottom of my heart.



9/23/2009  David L.  New York, NY

  Jim is great. He's helped me with a variety of projects, including fixing a shower door, a leaky faucet and a sliding door, as well as tiling a kitchen. He did a great job with all of the projects. He's very handy and diligent. He's also very reasonable in terms of price, and, in contrast to other vendors, I never get the sense that he's trying to renegotiate or get an extra buck. I highly recommend him and will use him for future projects in my apartment as they arise.



9/22/2009    Susan B.  New York, NY

  "Jim is in high demand and has a tightly booked schedule, and when he repaired the rotted windowsills in my apartment, I saw why. I was mega-impressed by how knowledgeable and competent he was. He knows what everything is made of and how everything works; he even knows how to build houses from scratch. He suggested a solution to my windowsill problem that was cheaper than what I thought I needed, and then did a great job of the work. Nice guy too--friendly, patient, genuinely helpful, and clearly loves and takes pride in his work. A real craftsman. Two thumbs up!"



Updated - 9/9/2009   Noah L.  New York, NY

  Update- called Jim to install a ceiling fan- he arrived 5 Mins EARLY to the appointment, brought his own  ladder and tools, and got the job done in about an hour. He'll be my go to guy for other fixits. Apparently he also does cabinets, molding, etc. 

1 Previous Review 12/6/2008:  I called based on Yelp comments that I read so far. I called to get my sink fixed. He came within 3 hours (not quite the time he quoted, but he told me that he had another job on the other side of town before me) and looked at my sink. One part of it was not tightened and he fixed it in a minute. He offered not to charge me since it was so simple, so I gave him a tip and thanked him for his time. He is really nice, genuinely helpful, and I'll definitely call him again (and not the plumbing company that charges $135 for an estimate).



8/28/2009  Gabby a.  West Hollywood, CA

  Not only is he a quick thinking, organized, and solution oriented individual, Jim is an absolute pleasure to be around! For four days during the NY International Gift Fair at the Javits Center, Jim helped us setup and breakdown our large exhibition booth and we couldn't have done it without him.  Jim worked exceptionally well with the whole team, anticipating our needs and solving problems left and right. He had the best attitude and energy! Moreover, he's organized, precise, reliable, and arrived on time every morning at 8am. I can't recommend him enough!



8/25/2009   Wendy C.   New York, NY

  I highly recommend Jim for all your handyman projects. I recently hired Jim to install wood blinds and a lighting fixture in the living area of my apartment. Jim was extremely professional, experienced, knowledgeable, and efficient. His prices are also very reasonable. Jim was a pleasure to work with and is also very reliable, and emailed me to confirm our appointment. The blinds look great and the lighting fixture was installed beautifully. My apartment looks great!



Updated - 7/14/2009  Andrew K.   Bronx, NY

  Just recently used Jim's services again and they were so good, I had to re-rate him. Jim is one of the friendliest, best people to work with. I had him come in to put in my new air conditioner and he got done with it so quick he asked if I had anything else. He looked at those problems, ran out to the hardware store, ran back and fixed them.  Basically, for any plumbing or handy work you need you should absolutely hire Jim. I called him and when I told him I was in the Bronx, he actually came the same day! His prices are great, he doesn't over charge, and I'm going to say this again, you should hire Jim. 

1 Previous Review 11/9/2008:

  Jim is the nicest handyman I've ever met. He recently removed an old air conditioning unit for me. He was very fast and simply did a great a job. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs a little help around the house.



1/7/2009    Madz D.  New York, NY

  Jim was prompt, friendly, efficient and trustworthy. Reasonable rates and he fixed things that have been driving me mad for months. We had him install a ceiling fan and lighting fixture plus fix a leaking sink and a low water pressure shower.  A plumber/electrician combo in one - great service, highly recommend.



12/12/2008  Jon C.  NY

  I work for an interior design firm here in New York. In the middle of construction on a local project, I had emergency plumbing issues arise. I yelped "plumber"...yet found Jim The Handyman. "Aha!" I thought, "A Handyman, that is what I need!!".  I called Jim right then and there and set up an appointment for the next day. He showed up to the project on time and in great spirits. He immediately assessed the problem and came up with a cost saving solution.  Jim is a great guy to work with. We look forward to utilizing him on more projects in the future.



9/12/2009  Shawn B.  New York, NY

  Jim did some work for me last week. He arrived right on time, maybe even a few minutes early, I can't recall.  He had an excellent attitude. Whatever I suggested, he did his best to accommodate. He is very easy to talk to. He is extremely knowledgeable and skillful at his craft and showed his familiarity with putting stuff together, building stuff from materials, design, plumbing, and other areas I required his help in.  He is highly professional and polite. A lot of guys in this field are rude and surly- not Jim! I also found him to be honest and trustworthy - I had no worries about leaving him doing some work while I went out to run some errands. He also thoroughly cleaned up the areas he worked in, like from sawdust and stuff.
Overall, he did an outstanding job. I have recommended him to family and friends needing a handyman and would definitely use him again.



6/19/2008   Stacey O.  New York, NY

  "It's hard to find a good handyman in NY. Luckily, I found one. James Scanlan can do anything from plumbing to fixing those odds and ends around the house. Door isn't closing right? Need a faucet installed? Call James. He does a great job and is a stand-up individual. And the best part is, is that he truly enjoys and cares about his work.  He installed a faucet in my boss' apartment.  He was on top of the job and didn't waste a moment to finish things up.  He makes an effort to keep the area he's working in clean.
My boss was also in need of new shelving.  I had already had the brackets, but Jim got the wood, stained it and put them up.  They look fantastic.  I Highly recommend him."